AKAS Signs ‘Operation Noise Maker’ To LoveThatBass


Hot on the heels of the last killer release from Kleu, LoveThatBass jump straight into the ring with another heavyweight contender for the drum & bass charts!

AKAS has been crazy busy in the studio of late & his release schedule reflects that. He recently dropped a huge track with MC Spyda on the Basslayerz label which has been getting him noticed by all the right people.

Listen below to hear his debut release for LoveThatBass which was premiered on the JumpUp Cave YouTube channel. The full release is out now and available for you to listen on all streaming platforms.

AKAS – Operation Noise Maker

‘Operation Noise Maker’ is an energetic drum & bass monster, one to get the crowd skanking hard! This track intricately skips between full on & half speed tempos without losing momentum, something only a technically skilled producer can seamlessly achieve… AKAS nailed it!

Who Is AKAS?

AKAS may be a relatively new name to a lot of people, but to those in the know, he was the guy that gave many a household D&B name their early releases on his Talkin’ Beatz imprint. Under various artist alias’ he’s recorded music for Viper, Technique, Monstercat, Frequency, C.I.A, Dynamic Audio, and had tracks on Hospital, UKF & Innovation compilation albums.

5 Essential Free Plugins

Recently he’s collaborated on as yet unreleased projects with DJ Limited & Danny Byrd. AKAS may be his new pseudonym, but he definitely has a proven track record.

If you’re into music production, be sure to read the article AKAS wrote for us featuring his Top 5 Free Plug-In’s!

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