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Drum & Bass Documentary

Harry Shotta Gets Possessed

The Rise Of Georgia Phoenix

Georgia Phoenix has been gaining notoriety over the past year, getting her tracks into the hands of key tastemaker DJ's and building up an arsenal of dancefloor destroying riddims ready to drop just as...

Last Week Liquid With Millstreet

Last Week Liquid is a relatively new drum and bass podcast. While most D&B podcasts, including our own LoveThatBass Radio, focus on playing music, Last Week Liquid has embraced the long form conversation format to speak with artists from within the scene

Where’s All The Drum & Bass Merchandise For Women?

For years the drum and bass scene has been a male dominated arena, with the exception of DJ Rap, Kemistry & Storm, and Dazee from Bristol, the early D&B scene was a heavily testosterone...

Taxman: One Of The Main Playaz

Taxman, one of the most influential playaz in the jump up scene took his own hand crafted sound to dance floors across the globe in the early 2000’s which quickly spread to many other...

It’s Catch22 For Ben Snow

Ben Snow has experienced a very fast rise through the ranks of the D&B scene. He's not let that steep learning curve phase him, he's embraced every opportunity with open arms. Over the past...

Killbox To Release ‘Devine Profits’ Album

Ed Rush & Audio have both had illustrious careers in the drum & bass scene. Since teaming up to form Killbox things have only gone from strength to strength. They're on the verge of releasing...

Getting The Low Down On Levela

Levela has been putting the ground work in at the forefront of the D&B scene for many years now as a DJ, producer, label manager & event promoter. A couple of years back he...

Label Focus – Deep Jungle

Jungle music is doing big things right now. Labels like Born On Road, Jungle Cakes & Serial Killaz are smashing it with their new school spin on the original flavours. OverShadow have bought back...